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Africa to Asia and Back Again

Africa to Asia and Back Again  : Testing Adaptation in Flood-Based Farming Systems

Background on FBFSs

The area under these systems in Africa and Asia is estimated at 20-35 million hectares. In spite of this huge area, FBFSs are neglected in most countries, with most attention going to conventional perennial irrigation systems or alternatively to rain-fed agriculture.

FBFSs represent different resource systems that depend on temporary floods such as:

1) Spate irrigation and flood water spreading from ephemeral rivers.

2) Flood recession/ flood rise systems, inundation canals, etc… centered on flood plains.

Land depression systems, based on temporary land inundation


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Activities of Project 

Tailor Made Training Course (August 2016)

The TMT aims to equip and strengthen the young professionals with the scientific and practical knowledge in the field of irrigation water management

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1st Annual Leadership Course in Flood-based farming and Water Harvesting (March 2016)


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Preliminary testing of agricultural tools in GAS (09 – 12 January 2017)

Different modern equipment were tested in GAS which can contribute to improve the livelihoods of the farmers in the area by reducing the efforts and the production costs.

Communication & Documentary bbb

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Knowledge and Experince Sharing Workshop

Water Management  Practices Of  Flood-Based Livelihood Systems

A cross country knowledge sharing workshop  was organized on 2nd – 3rd of July 2017. The gathering targeted professionals as well as considerable number of farmers from flood based irrigation systems in Eastern, Western and Northern Sudan. It aims to enhance sharing experiences from different spate areas and to get insights on the so far progress of the ongoing research project.

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Masga 14 Experiment

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