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The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC) is a pioneer center for water research activities in Sudan located in Wad Medani. It is one of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources (MoIWR) general directorates and represents its research arm. The Hydraulics Research Center was established in 1976 through generous help from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to lend support for sound and sustainable national water resource development and management. Development of HRC as UNDP/UNESCO assisted project was completed in 1986. By then all responsibilities were turned over to HRC MoIWR. Over the years, HRC has established a reputable record of research achievements in areas like river training, sediment transport and management, irrigation engineering and management, and water resources planning and management. HRC acquired this reputation from long practice, experience and excellent performance in solving real life problems. There is a strong link between the applied research activities and the needs of the National Water Research Centre and the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity plans. In addition, the HRC carries out studies for other ministries, governmental and non-governmental bodies and consulting firms. Also, technical training and international cooperation in river engineering subjects have been helpful to build institutional capacity and sustain technology transfer programs.

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  • 20 Nov


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    Hydraulics Research Center (HRC) – Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Call for a job offer in the DRESS-EA Project (Strengthening Drought Resilience for Smallholder farmers and Pastoralists in...

  • 22 Apr

    نعي اليم

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    بكل الحزن والاسى تنعي أسرة مركز البحوث الهيدروليكية الزميل/علي الفاضل سالين المولى عز وجل ان يتغمده برحمته ويسكنه فسيح جناته ويجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة