1- PJTC Training course on GIS and RS (Introductory course) “18-22 January 2015”


2- Advance Training course on GIS and RS for water resources management “14-18 June 2015”


3- Refresher course (Water Harvesting: A missed potential for food security in the semi-arid regions of Sub Sahara Africa ) “22-26 November 2015”


4- Consultative Workshop on : Gezira Irrigation Water Management “21-26 February 2016”

5- Tailor Made Training Course : Water Management in Mega Irrigation Schemes “14-25 August 2016”


6.Training program in flood-based livelihoods” from 8 April to 3 June 2017″.

7.Training program in Communication Sciences “from28 April to 14 May 2017″.

8.Training course in flood irrigation systems”15-25 May 2017″.

9.Workshop on the use of satellites in water accounting and agricultural productivity, Lebanon”14-16 February 2018”.

10.Training workshop in the field of silting and reservoir management, Ethiopia”5-9 august 2018 “.

11.Course in Decision Support Systems for Turkey’s Water Diplomacy “24-29 2018″.

12. Training course in collecting silt samples”16-23 September 2018″.

13. Training Course in Water Conflict Management Netherlands”05-23 March 2018″.

14.Training Course in Management of Water Resources India”13-31 August 2018″.

15.Training Course in Management of Water Resources India”24 November to 15 December 2018″.

16.Course in the field of hydraulics in arid and semi-arid regions”3 February to 24 April 2019″.

17.Training workshop in the field of tank silting management”3 February to 24 April 2019”.

18.Course: River Basin Modelling”1-18 April 2019 “.

19.Course: Shiraka  Management Water”2-6 September 2019″.

20.Course: multilevel water governance”6-23 september 2019″.

21.Annual Diploma Course on Hydraulic Engineering in River Basins”15 December to 5 March 2020”.