The soil mechanics laboratory was established in 1982 with the support from the UNESCO which follows the united nation organization and the lab became one of the departments in the hydraulic research center in Wad Madani. The organization funded the lab with technical and modern equipment which was transferred for the heightening of Rosaries Dam. The lab also contains equipment that can measure the water quality parameters.There is also high trained and qualified staff that works in the lab.


1/  The lab established a data base for the sediment monitoring since 1988 by measuring the sediment concentration from many stations across the Nile and Gazira and Managil canals using two methods the turbidity meter and the classic method.

2/  The lab also conduct and analyze different parameters for various projects like the moisture content and the bulk density.

3/  conducts and analyze tests like sieve analysis and hydrometer  for dam studies (Merowe and Stete Dams)

4/ water quality analysis


  We are willing to be a pioneer in this field by a modernized Soils Laboratory that is dynamic,

technologically advanced manned by competent and efficient technical staff and is guided by the standard operating procedures to provide effective delivery of laboratory services with the highest standard of excellence and integrity of work.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory2

Soil Mechanics Laboratory








The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC - Sudan) is the research arm of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, Sudan.

It is located in Wad Medani, Gezira State. It was established by the technical assistance of the UNDP program in 1976 - 1986 to support the development of the water sector in Sudan, with the main mission as “to support decision making of water resources management in Sudan through solution-oriented research”.

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