The Hydraulic Research Center Library

The main objective of establishing the Hydraulics Research Station  is to give the required technical support in the fields of hydraulic engineering. The Hydraulics Research Station's library is established in 1980 to become the center for individual culture and to help the research staff to conduct their research. In its placement and prominence, the library conveys its integral role in supporting the researcher and the supporting staff in sciences and culture and provides information in the fields of Engineering.

The main objectives of the library includes, but not limited to, the following:

  1. To create conducive atmosphere for researchers to get required information
  2. To provide a variety of printed materials including books, scientific periodicals and other materials from bulletins issued by government bodies and institutions and others.
  3. To create links with relevant bodies such as the University of Khartoum and University of Gezira, also collaborates with the National Research Council Library and to collect and classify information to ease its use by researchers, thus contributes to the scientific progress.

The library contains 1314 book also contains a large number of scientific journals, periodicals , researchers' reports and government publications. The library contains books in the following fields: Buildings, public administration, computer science, the Nile Basin studies, irrigation, hydrology, the American Society of Civil Engineering, space, mathematics, statistics, the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development reports, civil engineering, applied physics, dictionaries and hydraulic engineering.



The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC - Sudan) is the research arm of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, Sudan.

It is located in Wad Medani, Gezira State. It was established by the technical assistance of the UNDP program in 1976 - 1986 to support the development of the water sector in Sudan, with the main mission as “to support decision making of water resources management in Sudan through solution-oriented research”.

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