The HRC has conducted a number of training courses in the past for local staff from the ministry and other governmental departments, including short courses on: hydraulics; calibration of hydraulic structures, introduction to computers, etc.

However, the HRC acquired the know-how and potential facility to conduct training courses on unique subjects, such as irrigation water management, hydraulic structures, hydrology and water resources, and GIS application. With the completion of the new computer lab (20 PCs + fast server), the HRC is an excellent position to provide training courses to specific subjects.

The training programs can be on-demand training courses within the field of HRC expertise, including: water management, hydraulics, hydrology, as well as on related tools, e.g., computer modelling, GIS and remote sensing, etc. Again, part of the course fees can be used to sustain HRS staff.
Now HRC prepared a number of regional and international trainings with cooperation with IGAD, Nile basin and others.


For more information please contact (E.Maha Mubark Elzaki(Director of the Training Unit)) on  Mobile Num :0900610041.

Email: [email protected]


The Hydraulic Research Center (HRC - Sudan) is the research arm of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity, Sudan.

It is located in Wad Medani, Gezira State. It was established by the technical assistance of the UNDP program in 1976 - 1986 to support the development of the water sector in Sudan, with the main mission as “to support decision making of water resources management in Sudan through solution-oriented research”.