Hydraulic Research Center Directorates


  • 1-General_Director_Of_Hydrology_and_water_resources

    It consist of three departments which are:

    * Hydrological research: All researches about rainfall and runoff, also flood forecast management and flow measurement.

    * Water resources research: Carryout researches about water resources assessment and development including rainfall as well as surface water and ground water, Dams operation and integrated water resources management (IWRM).

    * Water harvesting research: All water harvesting researches related to rain water harvesting methods, structures, and operations of these structures.

  • 2-General_Director_of_River_Engineering_and_Dams

    Consist of 2 departments which are:

    * River morphology and sediments research:It is responsible about all researches about Sediment monitoring, Reservoir sedimentation, River morphology, numerical and physical modeling, Irrigation canals sedimentation, Hydraulic design of small dams and Hydraulic design of stable canals.

    * Hydraulic structures and dams research: Carryout all researches related to hydraulic structures such as dams and appurtenant structures, River Structures, Irrigation and Drainage Channel Networks, irrigation structures, Bridges, Water Storage and Conveyance Structures and Pipelines and Pump Stations, and study the hydraulic impact of the structures. And include also hydraulic structure calibration such as gates or regulators.

  • 3-General_Director_of_Water_Management

    Consist of four departments which are:

    * Irrigation and drainage research: All researches about irrigation and drainage water management in irrigated schemes like Gezira scheme, Rahad scheme and also spate irrigation schemes in Gash and Toker, by adopting new innovations in the field of irrigation water management.

    * Water and climate research: Carryout researches about climate and its effect on water resources for better understanding of the effect of climate change on all hydrologic cycle components (precipitation, evaporation, infiltration and runoff).

    * Environment and water quality research: Conduct researches about the interactions between water resources and environment. And its direct effect on water quality, also environmental managements of rivers and lakes.

    * Water policies and legislations: Its main duties is to establish national policies, regulations and legislations pertaining to water resources utilization and protection, Including surface water, groundwater and costal water.(Sudan water policies, water resources regulations, Gezira scheme act…etc.). Besides all issues related to water governance and allocation, and researches related to economics of water. Also responsible for trans-boundary water.

  • 4-General_Director_of_laboratories

    Consists of four units which are:

    * Physical models unit: All works related to design, implementation and operation of physical modeling.

    * Laboratories unit: Include water quality lab, soil lab, sediment lab and concrete lab.

    * Equipment unit: Responsible of ordering, keeping and maintenance of all equipment in the center.

    * Field work unit: Responsible for all field works and data collection of surveying, hydrometery and water quality data.

  • 5-General_Director_of_Financial_and_Human_Resources

    It is responsible for all administration, financial and media works, and support training and publishing. It consists of several departments:

    * Financial affairs: It is responsible implementing the financial strategies to meet the objectives, and also follow-ups with the federal ministry of finance.

    * Administration affairs: Carryout all administrative works in the center according to public services rules and regulations and assist by providing a comfortable environment for research.

    * Capacity building and training: Assist in preparing strategies for training and capacity building as required by different departments and arrange with local, regional and international institutions to facilitate capacity building.

    * Publishing and printing: Responsible for printing and publishing of research studies, journals and all documents.

    * Public relations: Establish relations with similar institutions and reflects all activities in the center to the public through media or internet. It also helps in facilitating all events in the center such workshops, training courses.


The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC - Sudan) is the research arm of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, Sudan.

It is located in Wad Medani, Gezira State. It was established by the technical assistance of the UNDP program in 1976 - 1986 to support the development of the water sector in Sudan, with the main mission as “to support decision making of water resources management in Sudan through solution-oriented research”.

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