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Mohammad Rami Kawas

Personal Qualifications

I have good leadership skills, and very good communication and conversation
skills. And I have ability to endure work stress and to fit in with new environments.
I leaded many workshops in my college such as:
 C#.Net
 Computer Vision
 Voice Recognition
 Matlab
I like teamwork as well.




• Development of a Planning Zone Map: A GIS-based Spatial Fuzzy Multi-
Objective/Multi-Criteria Decision (idrisi selva 17).
• Land suitability analysis for selecting new fuel stations using GIS weighting
methods in Khartoum Sudan (ArcGIS 10.2.2).
• Morphometric Analysis of a Drainage Basin Using Remote sensing
Case study: ALDABA and OMBADA Khartoum Sudan. (Whitebox Software).
• Find missing frequencies to a dummy person and analyse his Problem.
• Digitizing of Khartoum City using ArcGIS 10.2.2
• Land cover land use (LCLU) Classification of Khartoum Sudan using Remote
Sensing (ERDAS 2014).
• Recognize the letter which the dummy says via voice recognition.
• Recognize the letter which the dummy says via his mouth movements.
• Aggressive actions analyser using Prolog.
• Building a programming language compiler using C#.Net.
• Reading a graph of data from Xml-file and processing the data via the Graph
Theory using C#.
• Application for solving TSP problem via GA, multi-threading concepts and
MPI library using Java.
• An expert system for choosing the best car for buys it.
• A small program for controlling a robot using C++.
Simulation for intelligent air conditioner using fuzzy logic technology

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