Refresher course

HRC-Sudan in collaboration with UNESCO-IHE is organizing the Refresher Course on “Water Harvesting: A missed potential for food security in the semi-arid regions of Sub Sahara Africa

during the period 22-26 Nov. 2015 in Wad Medani, Sudan .

Objectives of the course:
• To equip the participants from arid and semi-arid climates of Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) with up-to-date and practical scientific knowledge on water harvesting techniques for optimal design, operation, and manage-ment of water harvesting projects.
• To provide the participants with experience from bright spots in the region.
• To critically evaluate successful/failed water harvesting schemes in the region.
• To fill-in gaps in research and capacity building on water harvesting issues and to discuss possibil-ity of issuing manuals, guidelines for different stakeholders involved in water harvesting projects.
• To highlight the water governance issues with relevance to water harvesting.
• To discuss the role of women in the chain of water harvesting to improve livelihood of the poor in the dry parts of SSA.

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