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Is an Assistant Researcher in the Hydraulics Research Center (HRC), during his work, he has achieved good experience in the field work, data analysis and the implementation of engineering constructions.


Expertise: Eng. Mojahid has good experience in ground water, geology, drilling and designing water wells; he has also an experience in the management of drinking water plants. He worked in implementation of water supply networks companies, also in consultants works  in urban water networks. He is an assistant researcher who joined the Hydraulics Research Center in 2015. During this period Eng. Mojahid has been involved in several projects such as Calibration of Hydraulic Structures in Rahad Agricultural scheme (team leader), Rivers Navigation Project for the reach (Kosti – Khartoum) along the White Nile River, and drainage in gazira scheme (field work & data analysis), also he participated in writing technical reports. Also he was responsible of the construction of new intervention in the irrigation system following the on-farm water management study in Gash Agricultural Scheme and he participated in the design and construction of a calibration tank for Hydraulic Research Center.  He participated in Environmental hydrology course in Egypt and got trainings in different software that related to the water resources field (GIS & RS and Hydrodynamic models); and he have ability to work under pressure & work with team.

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