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Yasir Abass Mohamed

Yasir A. Mohamed is a civil engineer by training and specialised in hydrology and water resources. He is presently professor of water resources management and Director General of the Hydraulics Research Centre, HRC-Sudan, and as a joint appointee, he is Associate Professor of water resources management at UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands.

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Yasir has wide experience in hydrological and hydraulics modelling, water resources systems, irrigation systems, remote sensing applications, and regional climate modelling. He started his career at the HRC-Sudan, in 1985, where he did research on irrigation systems, hydrology and hydraulics engineering. He obtained his diploma on Land and Water Development, and subsequently MSc on “operation of reservoir systems” in 1990 from IHE, Delft, and later in 2005 his PhD – on “hydroclimatology of the Nile”, from the same institute. He worked for WL|Delft Hydraulics on the development of the flood early warning system for the Nile River in Sudan (1991 to 92), and for the Indus System in Pakistan (1995 to 98). He worked between 1999 and 2002, on 2D and 3D modelling (Delft 3D) at UHL in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Between 2006 and 2009, Yasir joined the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), as a senior researcher at the Addis Ababa Office, where he led different research projects on hydrology and water resources, with emphasis on the Nile Basin. From 2009, he returned back to HRC, where he became the DG since 2012, and leading research work. As a joint appointee at UNESCO-IHE Since 2006, Yasir has been teaching and contributing to curriculum development with UNESCO-IHE in Delft, and in many other (developing) countries, in particular the Nile basin countries and in Asia. He has supervised many MSc and several PhD students. Yasir has published widely in international journals and conferences. He is a guest editor of the Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, and Journal of Spatial Hydrology.

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