The water management in the Gezira Scheme (GS) is challenged by the immense size of the scheme (0.88 million ha), the extensive canal network (10,000 km), and huge number of water users (136,000). This has directly impacted the performance of the scheme with regard to productivity level (kg/ha and kg/m3).
The level of irrigation services has deteriorated during recent decades. Major policy and institutional changes, and lack of (experienced) irrigation engineers have been reported as key problems, among other factors. Therefore, one of the starting steps is to strengthen the capacity of the institutions and staff responsible for the irrigation water management in the scheme .


21-26 February, 2016


Hydraulic Research Center

Wadmadani – Sudan

Workshop Summary




Gezira Workshop Report


Time table

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Day 1 :

Review irrigation problems by operations engineers

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Day 2 :

Field Preview of the state of irrigation system in Gezira Scheme

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Day 3 :

Global experience in irrigation water management

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Day 4

Formulation of Requirements


Day 5

Prioritize of Requirements

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Day 6

Final Recommendations




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